Processed with RookieAbout me?

I’m a 20-something year old girl currently living in Paris. I’ve had the privilege of living across the world from North America, Asia, to Europe, and developed a passion for food and travel at an early age. After graduating from college, I made my way through New York City and eventually settled in Paris in 2009 (at least for now).

My life and corporate career has been rooted in the hospitality industry which has given me the amazing opportunity to learn about food and culture from people from all over the world – this, of course, has also led to some unforgettable eating experiences!

So why this blog?

I’m having a passionate love affair with food. It’s an obsession that has taken me far and wide around the world seeking the top food-related experiences of each country, region, and culture. This blog is a way for me to compile and share the most delicious things I’ve eaten, loved, and obsessed over throughout my travels in Europe and beyond.

Being the enthusiastic eater that I am (I say this because I purely consume and never produce – I actually hate to cook, not that anyone would even want to touch my cooking!), I’m also regularly asked for restaurant recommendations. This blog showcases some of the best foodie adventures of me and my friends around the world and will hopefully save you hours of searching and filtering for reliable dining recommendations on the web.

What’s Hunger Munger?

Hunger Munger was simply a catchy expression between my friends in university which humorously caught on and eventually spun into this blog in 2012. So why not?

Fun fact?

I’ve been featured on The Martha Stewart Show and in a New York Times Dining & Wine section video talking about food and service. Martha served me a burger at the Shake Shack! There you have it, my 3-seconds claim to fame.

Want to get in touch?

Please feel free to contact me using the form below or reach me at contacthungermunger@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting my own little corner of the internet!

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