La Régalade Saint Honoré

La Régalade Saint Honoré is among the most respected bistros in Paris and always among my top picks for anyone wanting to experience the best of French bistronomy, or casual/comfort food meets haute-cuisine.

This restaurant is the second offshoot of chef Bruno Doucet’s celebrated local haunt, La Régalade (previously owned by chef Yves Camdeborde who now runs Le Comptoir du Relais).

Here’s the highlight: They serve a memorably delicious, complementary terrine de pâté along with a jar of tiny cornichons. Yes, that’s right. This place serves up all you can stomach free pâté and pickles. What’s there not to love?

But it only gets better. The entire meal is easy on the wallet, with a 3-course prix fixe menu coming in at €35 – not bad for Paris nor for this quality. Advanced reservations are a must.

La Régalade Saint Honoré
Address: 123 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 42 21 92 40


One response to “La Régalade Saint Honoré

  1. If I visit Paris, I will try it at this restaurant.
    It looks very delicious. Thank you for good information.

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