Pierre Jancou, the former owner of the hit wine bar Racines, launched Vivant to wide acclaim, only to relaunch it a while later with what is now Vivant Table and Vivant Cave, situated next door.

This tiny restaurant, which dates back to 1903 as a pet bird shop, complete with beautifully maintained ceramic murals, focuses on market-fresh food and all-natural wines. In each product-driven dish, you’ll genuinely be able to taste the time and effort gone into sourcing each ingredient, which Jancou has maintained as a focus in each of his former establishments – he can probably tell you the source of every ingredient in his restaurant down to the last herb.

New launches from famed restaurateurs often come at a price. Starters are priced from €15-25, mains €25-40, and desserts are priced at €10. Two prix fixe menus will be priced for €25/45€ each at lunch and €55/70 each at dinner. Reservations at Vivant Table are highly recommended.

Vivant Cave, located next door, serves as a more informal wine bar, with simple food offerings like charcuterie and cheese, sandwiches, and daily specials at a much more reasonable price of €15.

Fun fact: In October 2012, Jancou received a request from Jean-Paul Ludot, the Directeur Général of Marie-Claire, who requested a free meal invitation from Vivant for being selected to feature in his magazine as his favourite restaurant of the month. Jancou shot back with a curt response saying that in his 24-year restaurant career, he has never invited a journalist and that he found such a request to be shady and fraudulent. Ludot of course fought back, citing the number of Marie-Claire readers and stating that Vivant would be removed from his selection. The heated correspondence can be read here (in French).

Another fun fact: Last time I was there, the French band, Phoenix, casually walked in trying to get a table, only to be turned away from the packed restaurant.

Food info: Natural wine is wine which is made with minimal chemical and technological interventions throughout the growing and production processes. Nothing is added or taken away from the grapes, must, or wine. For example: organically grown grapes are hand-picked,  there are no added sugars, no external flavor additives (such as from new oak barrels, chips, or liquid extract), no adjustments for acidity, and minimal or no filtration etc. In sum, it’s wine made the way it was 200 years ago.

Vivant Table
Address: 43 rue des Petites Écuries, 75010 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 42 46 43 55
Hours: Closed Saturday and Sunday


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