Portuguese chicken anyone? Portuguese chicken is becoming increasingly famous around the world with chains like Nando’s popping up everywhere. So why would anyone visit Portugal and not have a taste of these world famous roasted chickens?

The place everyone points to in Lisbon is Bonjardim. Nicknamed Rei dos Frangos, or King of Chickens, by locals, this rustic restaurant is famous for its spit-roasted chickens and is centrally located in downtown Lisbon.

While the restaurant serves an array of traditional Portuguese cuisine, the focus here in roasted chicken – it’s cheap and delicious. Never forget to brush the chicken with the famous Portuguese piri piri sauce, a garlicy crushed chili sauce served in a tiny pot with a miniature brush. It gives the juicy roasted chicken a spicy kick and of course, it’s always fun to brush your food.

Note: In Lisbon, most restaurants will bring to the table starter dishes like bread rolls or cheese which you will be charged for. If you don’t want any of these dishes, you can simply tell the server and they will be happy to clear them away without charge.

Address: Travessa de Santo Antão 11, 1150-312 Lisbon, Portugal
Phone: +351 213 427 424
Hours: Every day from 12am to 11:30pm


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