Jesse Restaurant

Jesse, or Ji Shi, is a Shanghai institution that should be on everyone’s must-dine list when in Shanghai.  It’s possibly the best Shanghainese restaurant in the city.

The restaurant serves perfectly prepared authentic local cuisine and each dish is unforgettable, including the hairy crab and roe with mung bean sheets, and the fried prawn and chicken that becomes spicier by the minute as it soaks up the spicy Sichuan peppers as the plate sits on your table. The sticky red dates stuffed with glutinous rice are also a hit with diners.

The casual, and reasonably priced, restaurant is tiny and has several separated dining rooms crowded with locals, expats, and tourists. It’s always packed so advanced reservations are a must.

Jesse Restaurant
Address: 41 Tian Ping Road, Shanghai 200030, China
Phone: +86 21 6282 9260


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