Conserveira de Lisboa

Portugal is famous for its seafood, including the bacalhau, dried and salted cod. If you are looking to take home some preserved-fish from Portugal, this is the shop to buy colorful tins of Portuguese fish.

This artisanal preserved-fish shop has been in operation since 1930 and is stacked with row after row of all different kinds of tinned fish from smoked mackerel, sardine roe, smoked eel, to squid in all its canned glory. Each tin is hand wrapped in decorative retro packaging and can be bought in gift-wrapped packages – they make great gifts.

You can certainly find these high-quality canned treats in high-end specialty food stores around the world, at exaggerated prices, but of course, you’ll never find the prices lower than in its original store here.

Conserveira de Lisboa
Address: Rua dos Bacalhoeiros 34, Lisbon 1100-071, Portugal
Phone: +351 218 864 009


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