A Ginjinha

If there is one thing to drink in Lisbon, it should be a Ginjinha at A Ginjinha. This quintessential Lisbonian liqueur was first commercially produced at this very spot by Francisco Espinheira in 1840 and the bar is now classified as a national heritage site. Now locals and tourists alike queue up at this hole in the wall for small cups of Ginjinha to sip outside. The place is open from morning until midnight and during the evenings, crowds spill onto the lively central square sipping this strong but delicious liqueur.

Shots of  Ginjinha are priced approximately €1 with (com Ginja) or without (sem Ginja) the cherries. If you opt for the cherries, remember that the alcohol soaks up in the tart cherries which still have pits in them. It’s an additional kick to the drink. Bottles of house-made Ginjinha can also be purchased directly at the bar.

Food info:  Ginjinha, or Ginja for short, is a wild sour cherry liqueur made by infusing the juice of ginja (sour cherry) berries in 20% grape brandy and mixed with sugar and cinnamon. The liqueur is served in a shot glass with a piece of cherry fruit in the bottom of the glass.

A Ginjinha
Address: Largo de Sao Domingos 8, Lisbon 1150, Portugal


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