Ristorante Toni del Spin

Ristorante Toni del Spin is a bustling trattoria that is a favourite among locals. Situated in the historical centre of Treviso, Toni del Spin prepares an array of local dishes using fresh, quality ingredients closely tied to seasonal products. Reservations are recommended.

Food info: Treviso is an old, small city situated approximately 30 mins from Venise by train, and famous for housing the headquarters of international clothing retailer Benetton. In this city, radicchio is king and you’ll find this celebrated red chicory everywhere during the season from store fronts to restaurant tables. A signature dish is risotto with radicchio, or risotto al radicchio. Other local dishes include soup with pigeon meat, or sopa coada, and of course, polenta,  the backbone of Veneto culinary culture.

Ristorante Toni del Spin
Address: Via Inferiore 7, 31100 Treviso, Italy
Phone:+39 0422 543829


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