Chez L’Ami Jean

Chez L’Ami Jean has got to be one of the best dining experiences in Paris. It’s coma-inducing Basque cuisine at its best. Celebrated chef Stéphane Jego serves up market-based cooking using prestige ingredients in a traditional, neighborhood bistro-style setting, complete with closely packed tables and an open kitchen.

I note, don’t forget the life changing bowl of rice pudding, or the riz au lait, served with a side of caramel beurre salé. It’s rice pudding you’ll continue to dream about long after your visit. I once recommended it as the dessert of choice to the couple seated next to us, only to hear “…ehh rice pudding?” They ended up sharing our bowl.

Fun fact: The last time I was there, we were seated next to a fully bearded Ralph Fiennes, discreetly munching away on his plate of charcuterie with a bottle of wine.

Make sure to reserve at least a week in advance.

Chez L’Ami Jean
Address: 27 Rue Malar, 75007 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 47 05 86 89


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