Osteria Del Bugiardo

Osteria Del Bugiardo is one of the most memorable trattorias in Verona, perhaps the region. It’s usually packed with dedicated locals who come here to enjoy the trattoria’s quality dishes along with its fun and lively atmosphere. The trattoria’s friendly and outgoing staff serve hot and cold specialties throughout the day as well as a variety of small plates to be shared by the whole table, with of course, a bottle from their great wine list.

Food info: The Veronese culinary tradition features a wealth of dishes using typical local products but one standout specialty is pastisada de caval, or braised horse meat (pictured below). The Veronese have long been consumers of horse meat, its origin dating back to the end of the Roman Empire when northern European tribes, who were horse eaters, settled in the Verona region. Brave this meat specialty at one of the many eating establishments in Verona and you’ll see why this culinary dish still proves so popular with the locals.

A trattoria is an informal restaurant or tavern serving simple Italian dishes. It’s an eatery less formal than a ristorante and in most cases, has no printed menu, just like Osteria Del Bugiardo.

Osteria Del Bugiardo
Address: Corso Porta Borsari 17, 37121 Verona, Italy
Phone: +39 045 591869


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